Haori Cup : Japanese Bentwood Drinkwear

Haori cup is a drink wear that comes from Japan. It’s a combination of two traditional crafts named Hasami Yaki and Hakata Magemono. Hasami is a type of porcelain that has cultivated a long tradition of beauty. Magemono is a special wooden folk craft from the city of Fukuoka. Thin boards of cedar and strips of cherry trees are bent into a container by a master. They are now used in everyday items like lunch boxes, containers, and ceremonies.


Project creator Tomoya Nasuda is making this all in Japan, staying true to the craftsmanship and story of the cup. The traditions date back to over 400 years ago, and have very few artisans left carrying on this legacy. The dual benefit of wood and porcelain serves to preserve the heat of warm drinks like tea, and absorb the condensation of ice and other frozen drinks. This is also based on a concept called “Wa” (和) which essentially means harmony.

The project has already exceeded its Kickstarter goal of $9,000. As of publication they have $12,000 raised out, so it’s also smooth sailing from here. The Haori cup starts at $42 USD. Its not the cheapest cup, but certainly adds an element of tradition & craft to your kitchen and daily life if tea is a big part of it. Check it out on Kickstarter here.