TITAN Mixer Bottle – World’s Most Revolutionary Mixer Bottle

I never liked drinking protein shakes or pre-workout supplements like NO-XPLODE because they were a pain in the ass to consume. You’d usually put it in a normal cup and shake it with a spoon. What happens is a chunky mix of water and protein powder that leads to one thing…nasty farts. The guys at Five ID have come up with a new solution called the TITAN Mixer Bottle. It not only makes it easy to consume supplements, but also makes it easy to clean, carry, and hold a backup scoop if you need it. The bottle is also shatterproof and leak-proof, making it one of the best things you can carry around with you all day.


The best part I like about this product is that it doesn’t only make mixing easier, but also cleaning. If you’ve ever left a protein shake uncleaned you know how foul it can smell, and if there are remains from your last drink it’s just really disgusting. The same technology used to mix the supplements also helps with cleaning knocking out two birds with one stone. Just check out the video on Kickstarter to see what I mean.


It starts at very affordable price of $25 USD. Even if you don’t drink workout supplements, it’s worth picking one up since you might be able to mix cocktails with this too instead of using a silly spoon. Check it out on Kickstarter here. As of this publication date they’ve raised $21,000 out of the $25,000 goal, so it’s smooth sailing from here with another 30+ days left.