Imbue – The Magnetic Tea Infusing Vessel

The best way to drink your tea has never been to use packets – it’s to do it old school with loose leaf. But it’s a huge pain in the ass if you don’t have the proper equipment, and loose tea can make a quick mess if something like a spill happens. A group of students over at WWU Industrial Design (Western Washington University) have set out to solve this problem with a product called Imbue, the magnetic tea infusing vessel. WWU is a renowned school for industrial design, so these guys have real chops.


The tea is stored in a compartment that screws on top of the jar. To make brewing easy, you flip the vessel upside down which is pure genius. From there, you can decide how long you want to brew the tea, and it’s instantly removed once you turn it back around. There’s also an insulated fabric that prevents the heat from burning your hands while keeping the tea at a nice temperature. The team has already crushed their goal of $20,000 by raising over 10x as of publication date. Each unit starts at an affordable $29 USD. If you’re a tea fanatic that needs to get it on the go, this vessel is the one for you. Check them out on Kickstarter here.